Dipl. Soz. Päd. Vera Frühauf

CEO, Founder, Teacher & Coach of Confident German and Business-German-Academy


"Vera Frühauf is the proud founder of Confident German, helping determined people from all around the world speak like a native German.
Vera herself is a native German, yet has managed to evolve into an accent-free speaker – regardless of the fact that she was born and bred in the country.

Language and cultures are Vera’s passion.
In fact, she's a unique concoction of Scandinavian, Hungarian, West-Asian, British/Irish, French and Native American.
Her discovery of this astonishing fact instantly explained the mystery behind her “knowing” that she was never just “German”, but rather a worldly being – the perfect individual for this kind of role.

Vera loves embracing her role as entrepreneur, teacher and coach.
Her students love her high degree of professionalism combined with casual, down-to-earth approach; where jeans are the norm and shoes are optional.
She’s loved for her patient approach and sharp wit, making it easy and comfortable for anyone to perfect their level of German.

Vera isn’t just a teacher. She’s also trained (and skilled) as a coach and pedagogue, specialized in self-development and turning nerves into confidence.

That’s what Confident German is all about; fusing heart, soul and spirit with expertise."

- L. Meikle -


Master's in Social Sciences and Education

Born in Velbert (Germany), 40 years old, German native speaker.

Mother of two bilingual children (14 and 17 years).

10+ years of teaching experience.

VHS-tutor (English for people with mental disabilities).

Project founder and manager of different educational and social projects.

Certified Coach (personal & business development).

Fluent in English.

Good knowledge of Hungarian.

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