Business German

More and more speakers of foreign languages are coming to live and work in Germany or Switzerland.

Our Business-German Academy stands for language excellence in leadership and is dedicated to helping leaders and business professionals become the best versions of themselves.

Nothing is more confidence-destroying than seeing a room full of people staring at you, laughing about your mistakes or even unable to understand what you're trying to say.

We're passionate about supporting you reduce your native accent when speaking German and becoming confident and fluent in all business situations.

Together we will work on communicative skills, enable you to communicate successfully in negotiations, interviews, meetings and presentations, as well as on written communication such as correspondence, creation of CVs, letters, reports, e-mails.

We provide different coachings and courses with highly flexible solutions and even 100% individual support 12/7, if desired.

Everything is completely tailored to the company, the position and the individual goals of our Business-German-Academy members.

We individually build language courses for your company, with YOUR provided material for accelerated relevant learning and accent reduction training.

Enrolment to our courses and individual trainings with the highest qualified native Coaches, will give you a chance to become more effective when communicating in German at a professional level, thus resulting in more successful business relationships.

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