Online language coaching

The 1-1 online German teaching units are for all levels and areas and customised to the specific needs of the individual student.

For people, who are starting German from zero to those who want to improve their knowledge of the language for different motives e.g. work, study, tourism, socialising or simple interest.

The most flexible and individual concept ever!

YOU decide the day, time & duration of every single teaching unit. Changeable from week to week, referring to your time schedule. We offer 30-, 60-, or 90 minutes units.

1 - 1 online teaching & coaching

Whenever & Wherever YOU are

Begin and choose the unit that SUITS YOU BEST!

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Exam preparation

You want to pass an official exam, that requires the evidence of your German language skills and is also recognised all over the world?
If so, then start our 1 – 1 exam preparation coaching. We support you to pass an official language examination, e.g. of Goethe-Institut or TELC, ranging from level A1 to C2.

The Confident German exam preparation includes an individual amount of coaching units + standardized final test + correction.


and get


for the test!

Our rate of passed exams - 100%

Job application training

During this course we foucus on linguistically perfect application documents, as well as intensive simulations of job interviews.

We don´t provide bog-standard application portfolios, instead we work with you on a unique, individual and totally modern application file that stands out of the crowd and gives you the opportunity to present yourself, well prepared, in a job interview. Typical questions and situations for the interview will be practiced and trained and the vocabulary for your specific professional job area will be expanded and intensified.

At the end of this course you will be able to answer spontaneously and fluently to all the usual questions of a job interview and to present yourself freely and adequately.