Like our school? Build your own school with us!

The Confident German online language school is built on a Confident Platform developed by Spherical. If you are a language instructor, learning support professional, music or arts teacher, you can attract students from everywhere into your own school. Have a team? Our platform will help you manage multiple instructors and offer your students a variety of services.


Confident offers:

  • No need to be technical to run your online school!
  • Detailed documentation on the school's business model, methods and Headmaster's functions
  • Simple content management
  • Multi-lingual interface and content
  • Individual, beautiful and modern design package for every franchisee.
  • Responsive user interface - works great on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.
  • Automated booking and calendaring system for students and instructors with full Google Calendars integration
  • Transparent and easy-to-understand accounting system to manage financial relationships between the Headmaster, employee instructors and students
  • Payment system integration for credit card, Paypal and other forms of payment
  • Integration with Zoom video meeting platform.
  • Students sign up and log in with login/password or their favourite social network - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram or GitHub.
  • More coming soon!

Service and Costs

What is in the box?

  • Individual design package made by JetStyle
  • Initial setup of your school, help with DNS and payment systems setup
  • All-inclusive, "no worries" hosting and support in the first year
  • Right to use "Built on Confident Platform" mark
  • Promotion through promotional materials and in Confident German newsletter.

How much?

First Year

Franchise, design, setup, hosting and support in the first year

€ 9,900
After First Year

Hosting, support and upgrades after the first year

€ 50/month

(billed monthly)

€ 500/year

(billed yearly)

Questions and Answers

  • Who may succeed at building online schools?

    As is the case with any business, the success of your online school is not guaranteed. At the same time, there are factors that seriously increase your chances of success. If you:

    • have a pedagogical training and experience, have a good idea of how to handle students, good and bad;
    • are really good at what you want to teach others;
    • are enterprising, an entrepreneurial mind, a self-starter;
    • are a confident user of basic Internet technologies: web browser, Skype, e-mail;
    • are organized, always on time and keep your books in order;
    • enjoy meeting people from around the world and encountering every possible constellation of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion and world views;
    • are happy, love life and have a positive attitude that you are eager to share with others;

    ...then your chances of succeeding are good. The supply and demand for the subject you want to teach also plays an important role as is the the extent to which your subject is suitable for online learning. Language learning is in high demand and highly suitable for online delivery. Knitting courses may not attract enough interest and your needles will not be visible on Skype video... you get the idea.

  • I have everything necessary to lead a school but I have never taught online. Are there any particulatities?

    Yes there are! Nothing that a reasonable person wouldn't figure out independently but teaching remotely via video link is different from either classroom or one-on-one learning. A good chapter on recommended practices is included in your franchise documentation; if you would like a more structured training, we are offering a "train the trainer" program, individual coaching and on-going mentoring from veterans of online learning - contact us for details!

  • How fast will my school be up and online?

    We are fast - timing primarily depends on your own responsiveness. Bringing your school online involves:

    • collection of basic information about the school subjects, offers and other operational parameters - a two-page form to fill out plus, typically, a short chat with a service representative;
    • bringing up of initial school infrastructure - two working days;
    • collection of your requirements to design and information architecture - three working days, typically with three interviews with a business requirements specialist;
    • implementation of your individual design and layout - 10-20 working days;
    • acceptance, hand-over of service documentation and service transition works - 2-3 days.

    Overall, your business should be up and running within two months, typically less.

  • Can I bring my own design?

    It is possible, though not encouraged, to bring in the graphic design. The site layout will in any case need to be done by us to ensure compliance with platform requirements. Depending on the quality of the design you bring along, your franchise bill may go down by up to EUR 1,500.00. We strongly encourage to opt for the design package we offer: our designs are implemented by JetStyle, an award-winning digital agency with long years of experience producing beautiful web products.

  • Do I need to pay the franchise up front in full?

    Franchise is normally paid up front in full. If this is too high a burden for you, we may be able offer options of:

    • a 50% up front pay with the rest payable monthly in equal installments over the first year of operation. We will typically require control of your domain name for this period as collateral
    • a 20% up front pay with the rest payable monthly in equal installments over the first year of operation. We will require control of your domain name for this period as collateral and make our own assessment of the business prospects of your school. We will require your detailed business plan and documentation detailing your qualifications, experience and financial situation to make this assessment.

    This is not a public offer. Partial up front franchise payments are granted on our sole discretion.

  • I cannot afford the franchise cost, do you offer discounts?

    We offer a 10% discount if you opt for a simplified design package with standard information architecture (similar to the one on this site).

    If you agree to promote the Confident platform, every referral who signed up and paid their franchise is rewarded with 10% of your franchise price.

    We offer discounts of up to 25% of the franchise price if you pursue a good cause, operate on public or non-profit basis or represent one of the groups we want to help in their entrepreneurial effors. In particular:

    • If the franchisee is from a least developed country.
    • If the franchisee is a female entrepreneur from a developing country
    • If the franchisee is a young teacher. "Young teacher" is defined as a person below 30 years of age who graduated a university-level course with a pedagogical degree and taught for at least two years
    • The franchisee is a non-profit entity (governmental and intergovernmental and state agencies not included)
    • The primary purpose of the school is to provide learning assistance to children with special needs
    • The primary purpose of the school is to provide training in rare and endangered languages
    • The primary purpose of the school is to provide training to integrate refugees in their asylum country
    • The primary purpose of the school is to provide training to emergency and relief workers and other professionals and volunteers assisting in zones of war, natural disasters and peacetime humanitarian crises.
    • The primary purpose of the school is to provide training contributing to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    This is not a public offer. Discounts are subject to application and are granted on our sole discretion. Various documentation confirming your claim of falling into one of the categories above will be requested and verified.

The fine print

Copyright Vera Frühauf and Spherical Origins GmbH & Co. KG. All rights reserved. Service and franchise is offered for good educational purposes only. Copyright holders reserve the right to refuse service at their sole discretion based the purpose of use, or if the prospective franchisee is in direct competition with copyright holders. In particular, service and franchise are not offered to other German language schools.